ImageXD 2019

September 11–13, Berkeley Institute for Data Science, Berkeley


Incredible advances are being made in image processing techniques, tools, and sampling modalities which, together with an increased accessibility to modern imaging equipment, has made image data ubiquitous across many fields, with scales ranging from microscopy to radio astronomy.

ImageXD aims to:

  • Foster a cross-disciplinary community of image processing experts from academia, research, and industry.
  • Develop a shared understanding of each other’s use of image processing data, algorithms, and software.
  • Help us learn from one another, through tutorials, and collaborative work sessions, about available tools and methods, and the applicability of these to various discipline-specific problems.

Our annual conference is our main avenue for achieving these aims.

Abstract submission is now open (see timeline below).

You may contact the organizers at


  • 28 May: Registration opens
  • 31 July: Registration closes (extended)
  • 30 July: Participant selection announced


190 Doe Library, UC Berkeley Campus, Berkeley, California.

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Wednesday (11 Sep)

Time Slot Presenter Description
09:00–09:15 Check-in / Breakfast
09:15–10:45 scikit-image: Introduction Stéfan van der Walt
11:00–12:30 scikit-image: 3D Image Processing Dani Ushizima, Alex de Siqueira
12:30–14:00 Lunch
14:00–15:30 Neural Networks Ariel Rokem, Henry Pinkard
15:30–15:45 Tea break
16:00–17:30 Volume Registration Maryana Alegro, Matt McCormick

Thursday (12 Sep)

Time Slot Presenter Description
09:00 Breakfast
09:15–10:45 Spatiotemporally adaptive imaging with smart microscopy Loic Royer

Friday (13 Sep)

Time Slot Presenter Description
09:00–09:15 Breakfast
09:15–10:45 Imaging complex biological machines in action Carolyn Larabell



  • Daniela Ushizima, LBNL / UC Berkeley

  • Maryana Alegro, UCSF / UC Berkeley

  • Kevin Keys, UCSF / UC Berkeley

  • Henry Pinkard, UC Berkeley

  • Stéfan van der Walt, UC Berkeley

You may contact the organizers at